No one wants to listen. They hear me but they don’t listen

It’s difficult to get someone to talk about their mental health, history of depression, suicidal thoughts, or even what makes them ecstatic. Especially when that is your only intention; it makes it sound like an interrogation. We, as young people, are often pressured into talking about our problems we have in everyday life by people older than us like parents or teachers. Asking set questions like, “Why are you depressed?” or “What makes you feel that way?” often never get answers that have substance.

At MAPMO, we prefer to have a conversation.



Kii Small & Matthew Clode

A Better State

It just feels like I’m alone in a black room, black sheets, black everything. It plays with my mind when I’m in the black box.
I don’t know it just felt a lot like what I remember asthma attacks feeling like as a kid. You can barely breath at all.

Rolling Up The Hill



Callum Turnbull



Kii Small

Constructed By:

Genevieve Rae

Stories of a Young Woman

It’s changing now, but emotionally, I just kind of ...
blocked out those feelings

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The goal of the SaySo project is to provide a platform that removes the barriers around the mental health conversation.