Cynicism // power from your plantation

You’re the sole reason you’re in this position. There is no one that knows you better than yourself. Your actions are perfect results of your intelligence mixed with your past experiences. Your actions are also directly linked to your consequences. The drive and passion you put into anything will be shown on the other side; the universe doesn’t play mind games. You put 0% in you’ll get 0% out.

In that line of thinking is a beautiful energy called ambition. If you want the sauce, you gotta be ready to spill the juice.

Hype yourself up. You are your greatest hype man. You are your own role model. Your words drip like water, but sweet like honey. The world is your jungle.
As you water the plantations that are conversations in valued networks, you’ll find the worms in the soil.

Without the rain, the plants wouldn’t grow.

Without the rain, the worm wouldn’t feast.

The plants that grow produce the fruits of labour. I worked hard this year and clocked up more than 40 hours per week just working to keep some dream alive. I keep my bills paid and my stomach full, that’s what is important. The fruit from the tree is the sweetest I could ever imagine. These are my treats from the mahi. I could interpret this into whatever.

I could buy alcohol with my pay, and you could find me dancing to Controlla at 12am in Siglo enjoying my fruit.

I could buy food with my pay and you could check my Instagram story for a full preview of my feast.

I could buy books with my pay, to ensure that the rain keeps falling on the soil.

The fruit is the results of my work. It’s a natural gift to those who work hard and give their energy to their work. If you put 50% into this week, you’ll still collect your paycheck. It won’t be as sweet though.

As the rain is ready to set and you begin your week with an immense amount of energy, you must be aware of the worms. The cynical population of the jungle; the energy vampires as my co-founder would say. Those who suck the positivity out of a situation and spread negativity and pessimism into their field. In your mind, you’ve already pictured someone that you know who makes you feel listless. I bet they squirm like a worm too.

I remember a friend of mine asked me what I’d do once my business failed. In another conversation, someone close to him mentioned that my inclusion in politics was purely race-related. Ticking the box of diversity, fulfilling quotas etc. This friend and his group always offered support individually though, so I could never find the place to complain.

How are you gonna try and do a startup and university at the same time? You’re gonna burn out and run yourself into the ground.

They provide an energy which makes you question your moral compass. An energy which makes you question the colour of your socks. The type of energy that makes you wonder if all they want to do is focus on the negatives. However, in return they gave me a lot of energy.

A lot of energy to make sure that the rain fell.

When the rain falls, I can work. The worms come out, but I know I can put in 100% every day and ensure the plants grow. When the weekend comes, I know the sun will shine and I can wake up and enjoy the fruits. The worms will feast on the weak, degrade them into the soil and feast under the earth.

Cynicism is alive and more prevalent than you may think. I know you think about it too. We’ve all had encounters and experiences with people who just give off bad energy and focus on the negatives. Older or younger; these people exist and we can’t leave them behind. Tall poppy syndrome, toxic cynicism, or whatever you want to call it will be at your doorstep for dinner. It will be around at your office and in your phone calls. It will be sleeping in the same bed at you. It will disguise itself as support.

In that disguise, the worm will be at the center of your apple. It can often look cute and act like it belongs. There are a lot of people in your circle who may give you constructive criticism. That’s necessary for any pathway to success. Worms are here for their benefit only, and believe you are just as selfish as them. It will eat the apple from the inside out; the same fruit you’ve worked so hard to produce. At that point when you find the worm is when you’ll realise that this fruit may be ruined. It’s not. Don’t let the worm ruin the fruits of labour.

Don’t let it into your head, because it will never leave. It will follow you to bed and kill you in the shower. It will drive you to drink. You don’t deserve that energy, that doesn’t suit your ambition to achieve. The energy you need is positivity. On your road to success, you’ll understand you are your only hype man. You’ve got the sauce and the juice. Your words drip like water and are sweet like honey.

I promise you the moment you realise that, they’ll be in the front row applauding like they were here all along. That’s when you can tell them,

You ain’t put **** in the pot, why is you touching the plate?

Kii Small